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Nice animations

It is nicely animated, and the background is cool and well made.
But watching a guy just running with the same short animation is a bit dull. Maybe you could make him leap the holes in the ground, avoiding things or something?
Or would that make it too "un-dream like" ? ( I hope you know what I mean)
It makes no sense, not that it has to, but it is not weird/cool/special enough to be something I would show my friends. Maybe if it had a little story to tell, or if you could make the Caffeine Dreams have a reason or something.
I think I might have expected too much from the great drawings in the beginning from him laying in bed to be standing in a dream, cause it really looks great :)

Btw, welcome to NG. And thank you for uploading this video :D
I hope you will make it even better, and I will look forward to watch other movies of yours.

Dojang responds:

i get you man. and originally there was to be a whole sprite suite- you catch the idle at the start. to be honest, it was more a time pressure thing- as i said in the description, this animation was done for an assignment, and with my other assignments due around the same time- besides some cleanup and a few shiny additions, the entire production was more or less done in a day and a half. just wasn't time to get that sprite down.

thanks for reviewing!

Weird and funny

I liked the randomness in this movie, although it is not a music video before the end :P
I would like to see this with a bit better drawings, cause I couldn't see what things were supposed to be at times. And if you add some more and better sound effects to improve the effect of the car crash etc. it would be more cool imo.
All over pretty funny movie, and I laughed out loud at times (maybe I am just weird)

ZabuJard responds:

thanks friend


I really liked this one :) Drugs or alcohol? They all make you shoot people ...!
I would really like some sound on this movie though. Then it would be perfect :-)
Very good first submission!

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Haha what, those are my songs playing during the grass and cave levels :D!
That was a surprise!! Lol.
Really fun game also, but a bit hard cause of the quick movement.

Not very good

There are simply too many other shooting games here on newgrounds, which aren't very violent either, to make this one of them.
But it seems like the game mechanics work alright.

I would suggest you to improve the music, cause it is very worn. Maybe change it to something more fun, cause this one is reaaaally boring :) And if you could add a "slimy" sound effect when you kill a slime, it would be cool too.

The animations are alright, but the drawings are simply too simple. Especially the background. And the cutscenes with no sound is just too boring and fast.

I would highly recommend a "hiding spot" for you to go and reload, cause it really don't work for me with the 5-shot then reload thing. Especially vs the Golem.
And why does the health bar has colors, if it just shrinks when you lose health?
Make bars disappear instead, so you can see how many times to can get hit before losing. And maybe add items to pickup from slimes when die. An orb of life, or maybe faster reload orb or something?

All in all this game doesn't make much sense, and the graphics aren't good, and the game itself is not very fun to play unless you improve a lot of things. I hope you can use some of my suggestions, and I will look forward to kill cute slimes in a new optimized version of it :)


cs1009 responds:

Thank you for your response

(Oh yeah, by the way, this is my first attempt in making a shooter game)

The Music Has Been Fixed!!!

Just beat the game

I just beat the game in my first go. The skills are so important to use!
I liked the humor in the game, but well... It seem like a matter of coincidence, but I beat it, and it was quite fun anyway! :-)

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My gosh you've become great at arranging these orchestral pieces! I love it.
This definitely deserves more attention.
The melodies are very epic RPG-like. Could surely see this in an RPG of some sort.
Keep it up!

spcialist responds:


I agree with wyldfyre1 with the potential. It could be SO epic! It really needs a bass to complement the beat and the base chords.
The song hasn't got the traditional progression - but it is actually how I make many of my own songs. The melody you use here is actually pretty close to something I like to play on my own guitar - which sounds so damn goood.
It would be cool if I could make a version with real guitar? :)

Treviabot92-Virstein responds:

No doubt you'd make it better than I could; live or even recorded metal almost always sounds better than synthmetal. If you want to do a cover, then by all means, go for it! I've no place stopping anyone from doing exactly what I did to get started, nor inclination to do so.

To be completely honest, I haven't put much thought into this piece lately, but I agree, it could sound much better. I really want to keep that bass line if I can, because I made it that way so it'd stand out. Ultimately, though, if that's screwing up the song, I will of course ditch it in favor of the song itself.

Thanks for the review!

Why hasn't this gotten any reviews ? :P
I think you've used some nice sounds for this remade version of it. I like the addition of the fast guitar, however it gets a bit too much being on for the most part of the song! It has enough melody in it self that it kind of looses itself in the original main melody - I hope you know what I mean.
The sound is also a bit too muffled for my taste - but so is the original version! Still epic melodies.

Fav'd and sub'd!

Treviabot92-Virstein responds:

Sorry for the late response here and on your other review (which I will write momentarily), classes started just last week and I haven't been on near as much as I used to.

Obviously, I am still working on my ability as a musician, to the point that I'm taking college courses just so I can be a better composer. Even for stuff as old as this cover, it's encouraging to see reviews like this, especially now that I'm older and have a better idea of how to properly respond to a critique.

I agree, the fast guitar being on the entire song was indeed a bit much, but, you know, hindsight is 20/20. At the time I did this cover, I had listened to rtnario's XCEED version, which sounds much better than the original or, hell, this cover, and that gave me the idea to add a bass line in my project file. But when that was done, I still wasn't satisfied with the cover. It was at that point that I thought of the fast guitar, and once that was done, it really seemed to bring it all together.

I might redo this cover at some point, once I have a better idea of how to achieve what I had originally set out to do. Even today, I'm still learning how to use FL Studio, and my method of learning is more or less to just brute force my way through a song until I like how it sounds, then if the thought strikes me, to repeat the process until I find out how to do it better. Admittedly, there are probably much better ways to learn than how I'm doing it, but this is what I know and, thus far, what I know works.

Anyways, I'm glad that you like this. Like I said before, it's always encouraging to get a review that, while praising something, also offers critiques in an attempt to help make it better. There ain't near enough Newgrounders who would offer a review like this, especially now.

Thanks for the review! Hope you enjoy what I submit in the future!

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I think they're stylish and simple in a good way. Their feet are funny :) My mind is just struggling with the lines around things. The background seems fading, but some things that should have black borders in front looks like the background, and it looks a bit off. Look at the right arm of the girl with the guns. It is hard to explain, but it seems a bit weird to me :)


you should be painting for Magic: the Gathering ^^

I'm a guy from Denmark who enjoy playing and composing music. Email: manhart87@gmail.com

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