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My gosh you've become great at arranging these orchestral pieces! I love it.
This definitely deserves more attention.
The melodies are very epic RPG-like. Could surely see this in an RPG of some sort.
Keep it up!

spcialist responds:


I agree with wyldfyre1 with the potential. It could be SO epic! It really needs a bass to complement the beat and the base chords.
The song hasn't got the traditional progression - but it is actually how I make many of my own songs. The melody you use here is actually pretty close to something I like to play on my own guitar - which sounds so damn goood.
It would be cool if I could make a version with real guitar? :)

Treviabot92-Virstein responds:

No doubt you'd make it better than I could; live or even recorded metal almost always sounds better than synthmetal. If you want to do a cover, then by all means, go for it! I've no place stopping anyone from doing exactly what I did to get started, nor inclination to do so.

To be completely honest, I haven't put much thought into this piece lately, but I agree, it could sound much better. I really want to keep that bass line if I can, because I made it that way so it'd stand out. Ultimately, though, if that's screwing up the song, I will of course ditch it in favor of the song itself.

Thanks for the review!

Why hasn't this gotten any reviews ? :P
I think you've used some nice sounds for this remade version of it. I like the addition of the fast guitar, however it gets a bit too much being on for the most part of the song! It has enough melody in it self that it kind of looses itself in the original main melody - I hope you know what I mean.
The sound is also a bit too muffled for my taste - but so is the original version! Still epic melodies.

Fav'd and sub'd!

Treviabot92-Virstein responds:

Sorry for the late response here and on your other review (which I will write momentarily), classes started just last week and I haven't been on near as much as I used to.

Obviously, I am still working on my ability as a musician, to the point that I'm taking college courses just so I can be a better composer. Even for stuff as old as this cover, it's encouraging to see reviews like this, especially now that I'm older and have a better idea of how to properly respond to a critique.

I agree, the fast guitar being on the entire song was indeed a bit much, but, you know, hindsight is 20/20. At the time I did this cover, I had listened to rtnario's XCEED version, which sounds much better than the original or, hell, this cover, and that gave me the idea to add a bass line in my project file. But when that was done, I still wasn't satisfied with the cover. It was at that point that I thought of the fast guitar, and once that was done, it really seemed to bring it all together.

I might redo this cover at some point, once I have a better idea of how to achieve what I had originally set out to do. Even today, I'm still learning how to use FL Studio, and my method of learning is more or less to just brute force my way through a song until I like how it sounds, then if the thought strikes me, to repeat the process until I find out how to do it better. Admittedly, there are probably much better ways to learn than how I'm doing it, but this is what I know and, thus far, what I know works.

Anyways, I'm glad that you like this. Like I said before, it's always encouraging to get a review that, while praising something, also offers critiques in an attempt to help make it better. There ain't near enough Newgrounders who would offer a review like this, especially now.

Thanks for the review! Hope you enjoy what I submit in the future!

Wow. This is awesome. Extremely nice bassline, and incredible detail in the main melody :o
And you made it in a night?!

Schtiffles responds:

Haha yeah, melodies are my thing. I can sit for hooours just diddling into the piano roll and making adjustments.

Wow! I was sitting here reading the review by MashedByMashines waiting for the drums to appear. My god, is it cool. The sound is so raw and perfect. And the guitar is also very cool. I like the raw instruments along with the clean synth melodies. When the beat first came up it reminded me of a danish band called Diefenbach (check out Glorious on youtube, and many of thier other songs from same album are really much the same type of genre.)
I am glad you reviewed one of my songs, so I would listen to yours too! :D

Woa.. This is amazing dude.
If I played that game at the time, it would have been one of my favorite songs!
Very nicely made over the original. You are great with the orchestral instruments.

Awesome track! I heard it on my android newgrounds audio portal app, and just fell in love with it - it practically saved my day :)
The melodies are so catchy, but I still think that you should keep on working on it, since it gets a bit repetitive. Make the beat change more, and maybe find another sub bass, cause it don't work THAT well. ( it is still awesome though)
I've listened to it with Beats earphones, and on a Creative 2.1 set of speakers.
Thanks for bringing me back onto newgrounds lol!

TBM responds:

I'm glad I could bring you back! Be sure to check out my soundcloud for more!

Beautiful and powerful

The melodies are very beautiful, and the choice of instruments is just awesome. It has an old-school feel, which is nice.
I like the classical strings and piano blended in the sharp electronic sounds.

I am listening to this with my headphones right now, and the sound just seem a tiny bit too trebled, which isn't so pleasant at higher volumes. (sharp sound)

But yeah, very well done! I vote it:



I could actually see this song been played on real instruments, but I must admit that the sounds you've chosen are very bad :P
The bassdrum sounds like a dancekick, which isn't very metal-ish.
Maybe you should set the BPM a bit down, so that the crazy fast doublebass beat doesn't sound too fake.
But I doubt this song is the most serious song of yours, so I give you 5 stars for the idea, but the sounds you used very just too terrible :P


Very relaxing song.
I love the beat.
It's got a nice flow all the way through, but it is a bit repetitive :)

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