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Nice animations

It is nicely animated, and the background is cool and well made.
But watching a guy just running with the same short animation is a bit dull. Maybe you could make him leap the holes in the ground, avoiding things or something?
Or would that make it too "un-dream like" ? ( I hope you know what I mean)
It makes no sense, not that it has to, but it is not weird/cool/special enough to be something I would show my friends. Maybe if it had a little story to tell, or if you could make the Caffeine Dreams have a reason or something.
I think I might have expected too much from the great drawings in the beginning from him laying in bed to be standing in a dream, cause it really looks great :)

Btw, welcome to NG. And thank you for uploading this video :D
I hope you will make it even better, and I will look forward to watch other movies of yours.

Dojang responds:

i get you man. and originally there was to be a whole sprite suite- you catch the idle at the start. to be honest, it was more a time pressure thing- as i said in the description, this animation was done for an assignment, and with my other assignments due around the same time- besides some cleanup and a few shiny additions, the entire production was more or less done in a day and a half. just wasn't time to get that sprite down.

thanks for reviewing!

Weird and funny

I liked the randomness in this movie, although it is not a music video before the end :P
I would like to see this with a bit better drawings, cause I couldn't see what things were supposed to be at times. And if you add some more and better sound effects to improve the effect of the car crash etc. it would be more cool imo.
All over pretty funny movie, and I laughed out loud at times (maybe I am just weird)

ZabuJard responds:

thanks friend


I really liked this one :) Drugs or alcohol? They all make you shoot people ...!
I would really like some sound on this movie though. Then it would be perfect :-)
Very good first submission!

Very laughable :)

I liked the animation. It was smooth and suited everything just fine. I really liked the lip-sync. It worked well :)
The only complaint I have is your voice :B It just don't suit them that very well... or well, Peter Parker is alright ;)
I don't mean to be harsh, but if you could find someone else to do the lines, it would be even more awesome !
I'm expecting much more of this from you :D !

Neelesh responds:

I hate my voice too :L

I've actually got a british accent so be greatful XD

Lol det er jo dansk

Lol it is danish !

Hvor langt ude :P
How far out :P

CoreView responds:

totalt godt man vi styrer XD


This was seriously unserious.
I loved the music and the randomness. It was really awkward.
If you just made the graphics a bit better, it would be worth more imo :)
But I like the low fps.

diogoshx responds:

ok man, stay down because a random thing is coming

too slow man.

The scenes were too long. I almost skipped it because of that.
The graphics aren't very good either, but I think it is alright if you just make the scenes shorter.
The scene with the president where he says "Fire the missiles", and has that expression on his face, reminds me too much of the flash movie "The end of the world".
But the world exploding, and then looking like an eaten apple was funny :)

RaggyRog responds:

Heheh, maybe I wanted you to think back to "The end of the world", that particular flash animation by this time I would say is a perfectly acceptable meme for comedic side references. But thankyou for the critique

Really funny

I give the store a 10/10, but the graphics is a bit too raw, and there is really missing a control panel with either scene change, or just a "pause/play" button.

Very good but

I think it should have ended the first time he was woken up.
It just went weird after that :b
But very nice animation, good simple drawings and nice music.

Needs better graphics

It needs better graphics, and the humor wasn't really my style.
But I must admit that the Hat eating the student was quite fun :b

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