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Haha what, those are my songs playing during the grass and cave levels :D!
That was a surprise!! Lol.
Really fun game also, but a bit hard cause of the quick movement.

Not very good

There are simply too many other shooting games here on newgrounds, which aren't very violent either, to make this one of them.
But it seems like the game mechanics work alright.

I would suggest you to improve the music, cause it is very worn. Maybe change it to something more fun, cause this one is reaaaally boring :) And if you could add a "slimy" sound effect when you kill a slime, it would be cool too.

The animations are alright, but the drawings are simply too simple. Especially the background. And the cutscenes with no sound is just too boring and fast.

I would highly recommend a "hiding spot" for you to go and reload, cause it really don't work for me with the 5-shot then reload thing. Especially vs the Golem.
And why does the health bar has colors, if it just shrinks when you lose health?
Make bars disappear instead, so you can see how many times to can get hit before losing. And maybe add items to pickup from slimes when die. An orb of life, or maybe faster reload orb or something?

All in all this game doesn't make much sense, and the graphics aren't good, and the game itself is not very fun to play unless you improve a lot of things. I hope you can use some of my suggestions, and I will look forward to kill cute slimes in a new optimized version of it :)


cs1009 responds:

Thank you for your response

(Oh yeah, by the way, this is my first attempt in making a shooter game)

The Music Has Been Fixed!!!

Just beat the game

I just beat the game in my first go. The skills are so important to use!
I liked the humor in the game, but well... It seem like a matter of coincidence, but I beat it, and it was quite fun anyway! :-)

Really good

I like the idea of this game, and the levels are well made too.
The animation is smooth, and I like the increasing speed when you walljump correctly. I by mistake discovered an easy way to beat the speed run, simply right click and press play for each level. I suggest you fix that :-)
I would really like to see an even more challenging sequel, with more levels maybe =D

Looks really cool

I would like this as a screensaver ! :D
It would be cool if you made a more complex version with more special colors and shadows maybe..!

Fun but irritating

I like this game, but I hate the reaction when you have to make a precise jump onto a block from a lower one. When the frog hits the side of a block, it automatically gets down under the block instead, and I die. It feels wrong, like the frog is actually bigger than it is shown. Right now I play for medals, not for the fun (lvl 26)

Not good

It was too short, too easy (it helps too much combining the pieces) and too boring :b

why ?

There's so many versions of this game, and this one isn't very good :/
I liked the music though, and I liked that you get more speed when eating a big dot. But you should really change the background to something else than white, because it can be a bit difficult finding the yellow dots on the white background.
But it is alright for a first .. But I think you should change some things !
Make a better version, and then contact me. Then I will give more stars. =D

Good game

This is a very good game :) I really enjoyed the story and gameplay fully.

But then after beating it, I wanted to get all the medals. While doing the Ruthless medal I experienced a bug.
I forgot to kill the scavenger after getting yellow clearence, and killing Milos, I went back outside to take care of the scavenger. But after I finished the job, and went back to the facility, I could not scan my gun to get access inside :( Nothing happens when I click the gun-check-thingy...

I guess I have to restart to get that one :P

Lots of fun

I really enjoyed playing this game. I would just wish it was longer... It felt like completing a demo of a game. The difficulty was alright, though I found it pretty easy on both easy and hard. Maybe if you added some more levels which of course were harder than the first three.
I don't see why people find the second boss hard. Just place yourself under it shooting at it non stop. On hard, just hit it's head. Stay on the ground, look how it moves, and stand safe underneath it when it curves around you.

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