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2010-02-20 02:45:13 by Manhart

Yay, a new post! ABOUT TIME !! Sure it was ..
I think my next move is to pull down songs, and remake/fix them, and then repost them.
Cause I've learned much more since my first song I've submitted, and I know I can make them much better by now. So instead of focusing on new material, old material will be restored!


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2010-07-01 08:53:32


This I think is an ace idea. I have not listened to your other songs yet, but I really do like the idea of such. I have myself learned quite a bit after my first dozen of songs. Not only are my first songs a pile of pianos and basicness, but their melodies and so are not that deep or good, and could be made much better with support by other instruments and so.

One of my biggest problems still, I feel, is that I still use plain piano instruments and the like, I know absolutely zero about adding effects, making new instruments, cannot even find other new instruments other than taking midi ones.

As you can see, I have a long way to go, but once again, I really like the idea of remaking and "fixing" older songs, and I have planned for a while that, if I ever get better at digital music composing/tracking, I really do want to renew my earlier projects myself. For one, the projects are not forgotten that way, and second, lately I have figured that I enjoy having more than one "version" of a song.


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