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2010-02-20 02:45:13 by Manhart

Yay, a new post! ABOUT TIME !! Sure it was ..
I think my next move is to pull down songs, and remake/fix them, and then repost them.
Cause I've learned much more since my first song I've submitted, and I know I can make them much better by now. So instead of focusing on new material, old material will be restored!

New music

2008-10-23 11:14:49 by Manhart

Hi to the ones who visit my site here on NG.
I have the past two weeks been making so much music, that my head soon explodes. 5 or 6 songs or something has been made, and even more ideas haven't yet been submitted.

Enjoy the music.

Wondering Air

2008-06-14 11:39:11 by Manhart

I have now made a better version of my Wondering Air.

Check it out !!

Metal Guitarrrrrrhhh

2008-05-02 13:35:36 by Manhart

My first post here yaay. How great.

I will continue adding more and more guitar songs played on and recorded with my beautiful Yamaha AES 720 guitar (picture). I just hope I can figure out how to record with better sound quality.

By the way, if the drums seem a bit too laud it is because I actually aren't a guitarist, but a drummer, but since I live in a small appartment which cannot hold my drumkit, I play my guitar instead :B. So I don't really hear if the drums are too laud, but I will try to keep 'em a bit down in volume :)

So hopefully lots of more guitar metal songs will be submitted by me!
So vote for them and review them! Thanks :D

Metal Guitarrrrrrhhh